I almost forgot how nice it is to received hugs.

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That moment when you finished watching a really good drama and you suddenly feel so lost and you don’t know how to move on after.

..that moment when I prefer hugs than kisses.

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can I just stay at home today and watch sports channel? and oh, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich? so tempting.

shout out to my tumblr family!

Happy new year everyone! May we all have a prosperous and full of love from our loved ones this year. Cheers!! xo

hello hello! We don’t have christmas in our religion but I want to wish everyone a merry merry christmas. Hope you guys are spending it with your family and loved ones. xx

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I want more 2NE1 and EXO interactions. Please Gayo Dajeuns make it happen. More 2NEXO future fancams juseyo.

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I get to travel through books.

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I started watching tonari no kaibutsu-kun and so far I’m loving it. I wonder if I should read the manga?

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